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Official Core Set Challenges [PDF]

Card Dividers (Credit Scott Hill of Scott Plays)

Sleeve Your Games resource site

Sleeve Comparison Guide (Credit: Scott Hill of Scott Plays)

Boost Chance Calculator (Credit: Peter C.) [Copy into your Google Drive to use calculations]

Marvel Champions Melodice Music Playlist

Card Count doc for sleeves [Old Version] (Credit: Paul M.)

Champions Checklist (Credit: Roy)

Marvel Champions LCG Card list (Credit: Rendemedum)

Marvel Champions art sleeves card count doc (Credit: Stephen H.)

Marvel Champions news article date tracker (Credit: Antimarkovnikov)

Card spreadsheet (Credit: Tonbo Karasu)

Marvel Champions Game Logging

Stat Breakdowns (Click the tabs)

Dividers Central themed dividers to print

Modular set breakdown by Josh Walton

Card Dimensions: 63.5mm x 88mm

Status Card Dimensions: Mini USA – 41mm x 63mm

Card Stock: Roughly 300 GSM/110lb cover weight (More Info)

Localized languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, French, Czech, Korean

Master List of Posts

Beginner’s Guide

Marvel Champions Villain Tips

Buyer’s Guide

Interview and Stream List

2020 AMA Recap

Offline LCG Puzzles

Tabletop Simulator (TTS) Guide

Ways to Spice Up the Game

Ant-Man and Wasp Storage Guide

Organized Play (OP) Guide

Very Quick Marvel Champions Villain Tips

Marvel Champions LCG Decklist Hall of Fame

Sleeve Kings impressions

Gen Con Recaps – 2020 | 2021 | 2022

Favorite Scenario Poll 1 | Favorite Scenario Poll 2

A list of Marvel Champions Campaign Contest submissions

A custom playmat printing guide

Starter Deck Cards

Captain Marvel [L2P] | Spider-Man | Black Panther | Iron Man | She-Hulk | Rhino | Captain America | Ms. Marvel | Thor | Black Widow | Doctor Strange | Hulk | Hawkeye | Spider-Woman | Ant-Man | Wasp | Quicksilver | Scarlet Witch | Groot | Rocket Raccoon | Star Lord | Gamora | Drax | Venom | Spectrum | Adam Warlock | Nebula | War Machine | Valkyrie | Vision | Miles Morales | Ghost-Spider | Nova | Ironheart | Spider-Ham | SPDR | Colossus | Shadowcat

MarvelCDB entries for Wave 1

Captain Marvel [L2P] | Spider-Man | Black Panther | Iron Man | She-Hulk | Captain America | Ms. Marvel | Thor | Black Widow | Doctor Strange | Hulk | Hawkeye | Spider-Woman

Player, encounter and villain card backs

Promo Backs

Fan Backs (Credit – Bluehg)

Currently unused card art

Emergency Bunker (Source) | Unnamed “Thor Pack” card (Source)

Gen Con 2019 Promos (later distributed at Pax Unplugged 2019 and Essen Spiel 2019)

Launch Kit 2019 Promos

Launch Kit 2019 Box

2020 Open Play Kit – Season 1 (96 cards) (G20M1)

2020 First Story Kit (44 cards, 4 playmats) (G20MA)

2020 Open Play Kit Box

2020 Play and Share Promos (November 25, 2020)

Original Black Panther PDF [Fixed by FFG] | Original Captain Marvel PDF [Fixed by FFG]

Full Bleed (Credit – Bluehg)

Full Bleed (Credit – Make Your Piece Games)

Original FFG “Engery” typos

Typos fixed by Hall of Heroes

2021 Play and Share Promos (February 19, 2021)

Original She-Hulk PDF | Original Spider-Man PDF

Full Bleed (Credit – Bluehg)

2021 Open Play Kit – Season 2 (96 cards) (G20M21)

2021 Play and Share Promos (June 18, 2021)

Original Ms. Marvel | Original Thor | Original Iron Man | Original Captain America

Fall 2021 Promos (G21MA) – This set appears to be canceled

Mutant Genesis dividers (Asmodee UK – September 30, 2022)

Valkyrie and Spectrum promos (Asmodee Germany exclusive – October, 2022 – Verified by Thanee)

X-Men OP (March 2023 – MC32-38)

Full breakdown here

Image credit: Allen L

Image credit: rythegondolaman

Image credit: Adrian B

First hero wave repack (News) 90€ – MCHL01

Second hero wave repack (News) 90€ – MCHL02

Gamegenic Official Champions Sleeves (November 2020)

Gamegenic Official Champions Sleeves Wave 2 (October 2021)

Gamegenic Official Champions Sleeves (February 2023)

Gamegenic Official Champions “Fine Art” Sleeves (February 2023)

Upper Deck General Marvel Sleeves

Hero posters

Playmats (fabric-laminated neoprene)

Gamegenic Mats

Old Silhouette Teases

Mutant Genesis News Post Tease

Mutant Mondays Teases

Wave 7 teases (Tweet)