How to print your own Marvel Champions playmats

Getting the playmat images

Thanks to the incredible efforts from community member Logan Giannini, many Marvel Champions heroes that never received official playmats now have official-esque files to plug and play into various playmat printing services.

Logan’s Google Drive can be found here. The drive now also has labeled playmats, as well as deck boxes, from several other community members (Lyle Valentine and Nicholas Guppy).

The results are simply astounding: Logan has not only replicated the official Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) playmat style, but they’ve also provided 1-4 player mats for every campaign box thus far (Galaxy’s Most Wanted, Sinister Motives, and Mutant Genesis are among the choices).

For reference, FFG stopped providing hero mats after wave 2 (post Scarlet Witch), and never made any 1-4 player mats after The Rise of Red Skull box. The Thor mat was also never official released, though the art/design was revealed. You can find a list of every official playmat here.

Choosing a service to print them with

Logan has thankfully provided a full breakdown of how to print their playmat projects: which you can find in the gallery above. A standard playmat (read: an individual hero mat) generally clocks in at 24″x14.”

Your core options are Inkedgaming and Yourplaymat offers an array of standard sizes, as well as a “custom sized playmat” option. Logan suggests a 26″x26″ size for the bigger mats, which aligns with the previous measurement of FFG’s limited run 1-4 player mats.

Inkedgaming only offers non-standard sizes in 24″x28″, 36″x36″, and 48″x48″ (which is excessive), so keep that in mind. The images are of high enough quality where you have other options too, including MCustomInk on Etsy. A UK community member has recommended Custom Patriot Games for UK orders.

The results

The end product is incredible, thanks to Logan’s diligent handling of the source images. They’re extremely high in quality, to the point where this massive 36″x36″ 1-4 player Mutant Genesis project below turned out fantastically: with vibrant colors to boot.

InkedGaming 36″x361-4 player Mutant Genesis playmat | 24″x14″ Wolverine playmat

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