Marvel Champions LCG Custom Content

Hall of Heroes has reached out to custom content creators in an effort to preserve the discussion around Marvel Champions. More custom content will pop up from time to time.

Your first stop for custom content should be the custom content Discord. You can also find supplemental extras here on this page.

Board Game Geek is having Custom Content Review posts on the regular if you want to discover more content.

Here is the master list.

Everything hosted directly here is used with permission.

FFG Fonts for Custom Cards

Title: Exo 2 – Bold

Stat Numbers: Elektra Medium Pro – Bold Italic

Stat abbreviations: Futura LT BT – ExtraBlack

Hero/Alter-Ego: Futura Condensed BT – Medium

Traits: Komika Title – Regular

Body Ability Names (Futurist): Avenir Next LT Pro – Italic

Body Ability Types (Response, Action, Interrupt): Avenir Next LT Pro – Demi

Body Main Text: Avenir Next LT Pro – Regular

Flavour Text/Quotes: Komika Text Tight – Italic

Hand Size/HP: Futura Condensed BT – Medium

Mouseprint/Illustrator Credits/Copyright/Card No.: Avenir Next Condensed – Medium

Card Dimensions: 63.5mm x 88mm

Card Stock: Roughly 300 GSM/110lb cover weight (More Info)


Card Backs | Challenge Environments and Return to sets | Tokens | Custom Player Cards | Custom Alt-Arts

Player, encounter and villain card backs (promo card backs are for printing presses that won’t approve of the use of the “Marvel” logo)

Promo Backs

Fan Backs (Credit – Bluehg)

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Alt arts by Bluehg

Marvel Champions mobile wallpapers (Hosted with permission from Metee Thampipop) – Update

Marvel Champions Monthly Campaign

Challenge Environments (Credit – KennedyHawk | Credit – Critical Encounters | Credit – The Side Scheme)

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Villain aspect cards (Credit – Douglas B.)

City Under Siege (Credit – Douglas B.)

Intensify Cards (Credit – Douglas B.)

Alternate Standard/Expert Cards (Credit – designhacker)

Alternate Resource Cards (Credit – designhacker)

Alternate Resource Cards # 2 (Credit – Stephen R.)

Loki Mad Titan’s Shadow no gauntlet reskin (Credit – NEBookWorm)

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Return to/Nightmare sets (Credit – KennedyHawk)




Risky Business

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Ultron Drone Tokens (Credit – ‎Muamer Klaic‎)

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Custom Playmat Files for Print Studio

Custom playmats by Logan G.

(Credit – Designhacker)

(Credit – Stephen J.)

Blue | Green | Red | Yellow

(Credit – joecor)

Alternate playmats for Marvel Champions LCG heroes

(Credit – Pixatintes)

Marvel Champions Playmats

Instructions for another Marvel Champions “Slide to Exhaust” Playmat, with images (Credit – wicaksonoadi)

Custom Hero and Player card Alt-Arts

Alt-Arts by RegaliaJungler

Alt-Arts by Wiggfield

Alt-Arts by M3T4LB0X

Alt-Arts by flamegeek37

Alt-Arts by I Rebel

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DC Custom Content from embitteredsoul

FFG reskins document

Reskinned Google doc drive

TTS mod with reskinned content

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