Marvel Champions LCG Custom Content

In this drought that doesn’t have a foreseeable end date, Hall of Heroes has reached out to custom content creators in an effort to keep interest in Marvel Champions through “Quarter 4,” when the new story box is set to arrive. More custom content will pop up from time to time.

Your first stop for custom content should be the custom content Discord. You can also find supplemental extras here on this page.

Everything hosted directly here is used with permission.

Here is a link to individual Google Drives, where printable versions exist.


Custom heroes can be found here

Custom scenarios can be found here

Card Backs | Challenge Environments and Return to sets | Custom Mods | Tokens | Custom Player Cards | Custom Alt-Arts

Player, encounter and villain card backs (promo card backs are for printing presses that won’t approve of the use of the “Marvel” logo)

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Challenge Environments (Credit – KennedyHawk | Credit – Critical Encounters | Credit – The Side Scheme)

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Alternate Villains

Juggernaut (Credit – wrainedaxx)

Substitute for Rhino I-III

Level IV Villains

(Start with stage III, with the expert encounter cards mixed in – once you beat stage III, advance to one of the stage IV’s)

Klaw IV (Credit – Card Game Cooperative)

Return to/Nightmare sets (Credit – KennedyHawk)




Risky Business

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Custom Mods

Namor Delay (Credit – KennedyHawk)

Octopiper (Credit Juri Krasko)

Lizard Lackeys (Credit Anders Nordberg)

Inferno (Credit Mike Norris)

Dark Avengers (Credit FelixFactory)

Masters of Evil (Credit FelixFactory)

Mephisto (Credit FelixFactory)

Spidey Foes (Credit FelixFactory)

Wrecking Crew (Credit FelixFactory)

Army of Hydra variant (Credit – Kevin Minteer)

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Ultron Drone Tokens (Credit – ‎Muamer Klaic‎)

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Custom Alt-Arts

Alt-Arts by RegaliaJungler

Alt-Arts by Wiggfield

Alt-Arts by Mightythor84

Alt-Arts by I Rebel

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