Everything you need to know about the Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis OP kit

What is “OP” and what is an OP kit?

OP stands for “organized play.”

For many years, FFG (Fantasy Flight Games) has been providing OP kits to cooperative and competitive games alike, with the intent of having folks gather at stores in groups to play with each other. For The Lord of the Rings LCG and Arkham Horror LCG, these OP kits typically came with a scenario. For Marvel Champions, kits come with alternative hero cards (and/or player/villain cards).

Counting the launch kit and this Mutant Genesis kit, there have been four total OP kits for Marvel Champions so far, and one divider release.

We have a full guide on Marvel Champions OP here.

What does the Mutant Genesis OP kit look like and what does it have in it?

Image credit: Adrian B and Cast-Iron-Pots

The kit is roughly $20 for stores to buy directly. The official street date for it is March 31, 2023, but some stores got them earlier. The SKU for the kit (if you want to tell your store) is MC32-38.

One total kit consists of:

  • x4 mission trackers (challenge cards) – the mission trackers have the same text front and back, and are static additions to the OP kit
  • 20 packs of promo cards (x2 common cards and x1 rare cards each, randomized like a CCG booster pack) – for 60 total cards per OP kit
  • x8 promo dials (x4 hero X-Men dials and x4 villain Magneto dials – static additions, always included)

What do you need to get a full set?

While OP kits come with 20 packs of promo cards, you do not necessarily need 20 packs to get a “full set.” In addition to the dials (x1, x1) and x1 challenge card, a full set requires 24 total cards (a common and rare for each hero, and commons for each villain, including all the villains in the Mansion Attack scenario).

Here’s what one “full set” consists of for the Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis OP kit (image credit – Allen L and Cast-Iron-Pots):

  • x1 Challenge card (same front and back)

Dials (x2)

  • x1 X-Men hero dial
  • x1 Magneto villain dial

Heroes (x16)

  • Shadowcat (common, rare)
  • Colossus (common, rare)
  • Cyclops (common, rare)
  • Phoenix (common, rare)
  • Wolverine (common, rare)
  • Storm (common, rare)
  • Gambit (common, rare)
  • Rogue (common, rare)

Villains (x8)

  • Sabretooth (common)
  • Sentinel (common)
  • Master Mold (common)
  • Toad (common)
  • Blob (common)
  • Pyro (common)
  • Avalance (common)
  • Magneto (common)

All villain cards are double-sided and have stages I and II: there are no stage III promos, nor are there any rare art villain promos.

The best eBay terms to search if you don’t have a store that can get a kit

Some stores cannot get kits, and you may live in an area that doesn’t even have a game store available. In that case you’ll need to rely on the secondhand market: eBay included.

Thus far, the best search terms to find people who are selling kit items are:

  • Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis promo card
  • Marvel Champions Organized Play Kit Mutant Genesis

Make sure to sort these listings by “sold items” to see the current going prices! You can sort “Marvel Champions promos” by most recently-released to filter out old promo listings.

You can also watch sellers/bookmark them if they’re selling multiple kits/piecemeal items.

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