FFG/Fantasy Flight Games InFlight Report Recap (9/15/2021)

2020 Recap

Start time: 8PM ET – 9/15/2021

Stream Link:

Once again Chris Gerber, Head of FFG studio, is presenting for the 2021 InFlight Report.

Gerber notes there will be “some updates to some of our biggest product lines, including new things we’re going to tease for the first time.” He also explains that FFG “will not be able to give precise release dates for anything.”

Descent: Legends of the Dark

Gerber: “This beast of a game is one of FFG’s crowning achievements…over three years in the making”

A Terrinoth Legends universe has been teased

High quality dice from LevelUp are shown as is the new book.

“Pleased to confirm Act 2 is well on its way through development at FFG.” A “tricky new foe for Ghosts of Grayhaven” is confirmed. Incorporated in the main Blood and Flame campaign. This is a prototype.

Early tease of Act 2: they are “upping the ante” in terms of scale (Act 2 is on the right)

Onto KeyForge

Gerber re-iterates that the game is “going on hiatus for a bit.” [Context] They still “hope and intend to launch a digital version.”

A new faction of merchants about trade and exchange is confirmed. House Mars returns.

That was it for KeyForge.


“All of your power is shared with one neighbor or the other.” [Context]

Planning to release the game in “late fall of this year.”


“We hoped to get it into your hands by the end of September. Just like every other company in the world right now we’re facing shipping and logistics delays.

We will keep you all posted…and hope to have it in your hands by the end of the year.”

Journeys in Middle-Earth

“Last big box expansion” reconfirmed as Spreading War.

Mini DLCs coming. “Check the website to stay up to date.”

Arkham Horror LCG

Machinations Through Time standalone confirmed, which will be at GenCon’s popup at Gamezenter.

1890s, 1920s, 1950s…a “time hopping scenario.” Epic multiplayer confirmed.

Edge of the Earth recapped as two big box expansions.

“We’re also doing it for the old stuff [the new model].” The first repack is Dunwich.

Aiming for “first quarter of next year.” Investigator expansion coming first, and scenarios coming “a month or two later.”

Lord of the Rings LCG

“Revamping this core set to support 1-4 players out of the box.”

It will add a campaign mode with brand new boons and burdens. If you own the original you won’t need to buy the revised core. Those boons and burden cards will be freely available as print and play content. Early 2022 date.

There will be a campaign box and player box for each cycle. “Getting into the game will be easier than ever before.” Each of these will contain the boons and burdens.

Also available as print and play. Unlike Arkham they will not be releasing “all of the old content.” It will be a “selection of stories.”

The Dark of Mirkwood will be released in early 2022 (from the two-player starter set) and can be played as a mini campaign or as part of the core set.

Marvel LCG

Vision confirmed for “first quarter of 2022” as a Protection pack. Article coming in 1-2 weeks.

Sinister Motives confirmed (Miles and Gwen) with an article in the “coming months.” Additional Web Warriors coming.

Twilight Imperium

A new line of graphic novels at CMON are coming for Twilight Imperium.


Android universe graphic novels confirmed too. “Kickstarter campaigns coming next year.”

Online stores

L5R and Arkham Horror stores confirmed. Twilight Imperium is coming next.

Nate French talks about R&D at FFG

“So far we have three different initiatives we’ve been building and working with.”

“This is still an idea. I’m not promising a game will come out of it.”

Outer Rim

An Outer Rim “Unfinished Business” expansion was shown but not detailed in any form.

Here is the official recap

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