Marvel Champions LCG puzzles

Every so often, Hall of Heroes will provide theoretical brainteasers of sorts for the community to figure out.

Whether you’re trying to sharpen your strategy or can’t currently play the game, we hope these will be fun for everyone. Some puzzles may have multiple solutions, but a standard solution will be provided.

Puzzle #1 – Cap and Rhino (high resolution)

Expert Rhino (on stage III) has 11 health left and is using the Legions of Hydra set.

Figure out how to play Captain America’s remaining hand to ensure that Rhino is eliminated at the end of Rhino’s next activation without drawing any cards.


Puzzle #2 – [Other] Cap and Klaw (high resolution)

Expert Klaw (on stage III) has 6 health left with three Armored Guard minions on the table (with no toughness tokens) and a Hydra Soldier. All four minions have the “guarded” keyword, preventing you from attacking or using (attack) actions against Klaw.

Find a way to eliminate all four minions and Klaw before the villain phase.


Puzzle #3 – Thor-tron (high resolution)

Here’s an easy one if you’re having trouble with the others.

Ultron (on stage II, standard) has 8 life left with four minions in play (three drones at 1-1-1 stats, as well as a Hydra soldier).

Find a way to kill Ultron and every minion on the board. You are entering this board state at the very start of your turn with no actions performed.


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