Marvel Champions LCG Community Resources

I’ve seen a lot of questions from new players pertaining to existing lines of communication for Marvel Champions communities. Here’s a big list!

From here on out, communities/shows that have been on hiatus will be moved to a defunct/inactive section. Discord invites will be periodically updated when they are inoperable.

Your first stop should be our extras section, which has bonuses for new and veteran players. Also stop by our intro blog, where you’ll find links to every facet of the game as a launchpad.

Here is a full list of all Marvel Champions LCG interviews/streams from FFG.

Contact us at hallofheroescontact(at) if you want to be added to the list.


Hall of Heroes Discord!

Marvel Champions LCG Discord

Marvel Champions LCG Homebrew

Marvel Champions Monthly

L8 Night Gaming

Solo Champions League

League of Cooperative Gaming

TTSClub (General Online Gaming)

Team Covenant (General Online Gaming)

One Stop CoOp Shop (General Co-op Gaming)


New Player Guides:

Ultra Board Games Written Tutorial Guide

Marvel Champions Monthly – Ten Tips to Winning More Games Written Guide

Marvel Champions Monthly – New Player Guide Podcast

The Side Scheme New Player Guide Podcast

Roll for Crit Video Tutorial

Team Covenant Demo and Tutorial Video

JestaThaRogue How to Play in 13 Minutes Video Tutorial

WossyPlays How to Play Video Tutorial

L8NightGaming How to Play on TTS Video Tutorial

Married & Board Marvel Champions 101

Jackelope Games 5 Spider-Man (and general) Rule Goofs Tutorial Video [Rhino Goofs]

Hall of Heroes Written Beginner’s Guide (Next steps after learning the basics)

How to play Marvel Champions LCG on Tabletop Simulator (TTS) Written Guide

Buyer’s Guides:

Hall of Heroes Buyer’s Guide

The Side Scheme Buyer’s Guide

The Ludoquist Buyer’s Guide

Rules Resources:

Official rulings database

Keyword list

Rule changelog

The Card Text

Release dates:

US new release calendar

UK new release calendar

Canada new release calendar

Stock Searching Tools:

Board Game Oracle (Stock Search Tool – Regions – US, CA, AU, NZ)

Board Game Prices (Search for UK stores that can import to other regions)

Board Game Atlas

Singles store from Crazy Jackelope Games [Verified]

Singles store from Asgard Gate Games [Verified]

I Rebel [Facebook] [Twitter] [Patreon]

Marvel Champions Monthly [Facebook] [Twitter] [Patreon] [YouTube]

Deck-celsior [Facebook] [Patreon] [YouTube]

Hall of Heroes

Wreck ‘N Rule

Boards and Swords [Patreon] [YouTube]

The Side Scheme Blog [Instagram] [Facebook] [Twitter] [Patreon] [YouTube]

1-2 Punch Board [Facebook]


Make Your Piece Games [Instagram] [Twitter] [Patreon]

Alter-Egos [Facebook] [Twitter] [Patreon] [YouTube]

Nathan’s X-Wing blog

All Things Under Heaven and Earth

Tabletop Timesinks [Instagram] [Facebook]

Teenage Student Whinger Wordsmith

The Friendly Boardgamer

D20 Radio

The Ludoquist

Have at Thee

The Ghastly Boss

La Mano de Thanos (Spanish-language community) [Facebook] [YouTube] [Twitter] [Instagram] [Patreon]

YouTube/Twitch Creators:

Critical Encounters

Northern Lights over Arkham


Bob Benton

Mediocre Gamers

Tano Games

Beat D Game

Wossy Plays

Nomad Gaming

G3 Geeks & Gaming Gurus

Dale the Casual Gamer

Crazy Jackalope Games



Dice and Dragons

The Shuffle Bus

Guardians of Tyr

Ron Frazier

Home Base Games (Twitch)

Team Covenant (Monday Marvel Streams)

MC Hunter (Spanish YouTube)

L8 Night Gaming

Roy’s Game Table

Step into the Portal

Dice vs. Cards

Bar de Dados

Mana Burn Gaming

One Stop Co-op Shop

All You Can Board

Zura’s Workshop

Vault Games

The Quantum Realm

925 Gamers

The Bear Over Innsmouth


The Living Card Gamer

D_B Games

French YouTube creators:


Le Troll Savant


Saga des Jeux

Marvel Champions JCE TV


Social Media Communities:

Marvel Champions LCG Reddit Community

Marvel Champions LCG Facebook Community

Marvel Champions LCG Facebook French Community

Marvel Champions LCG Board Game Geek Community


Marvel Champions Monthly

Critical Encounters [Facebook] [Youtube]

Alter Egos

No Responsibility

The Side Scheme

Bad Publicity

La Mano de Thanos (Spanish-language podcast)

The Card Game Cooperative (all co-op, but focuses on FFG LCGs)

Across the 616

Married & Board (occasionally talks Marvel Champions)

From Swords to Sabers (occasionally talks Marvel Champions)


Marvel Champions FTW

Team Covenant (general tabletop, but occasionally talks Marvel Champions)

The Marvel Chumpions

Marvel Champions: Superhuman Law Department (German-language podcast)

Card Printing Storefronts:




Print & Play



Marvel Champions art tracker doc [Credit: Igor]


MC Deck Builder

M Champions Deck Builder [iOS | Android]

Board Game Stats Tracker App

Digital Villain and Hero Health Tracker

Data/Deckbuilding/Randomizer/League Sites:


First Player Randomizer (Up to date as of 2022)

Marvel Champions game logging form (aggregated data)

Scenario Randomizer

Danger Room Hero and Scenario Randomizer

Marvel Champions Randomizer

Marvel Champions Deck Randomizer


Superhuman Registration Act (stat gathering tool)

TTS Marvel Champions Hub

Bear Over Innsmouth Solo Champions League [Patreon]

Official FFG Materials:

Marvel Champions LCG Product Site

Marvel Champions: The Card Game Forums [Defunct as of 2/1/2021 – Community Backup]

FFG Instagram (Occasional Champions posts)

FFG YouTube channel

FFG Live Twitch channel (2PM ET streams)

FFG Organized Play (OP) Newsletter Subscription Link

Old/Defunct Content: (French YouTube) [French blog]