Marvel Champions LCG interview and stream archive

This page is an at-a-glance easy access resource for just the interviews, no quotes Navigation 2019 2020 2021 2022 Full interview list July 2019: Marvel Champions LCG’s first announcement trailer Marvel Champions LCG post-reveal stream with Navaro, Caleb and Nate Marvel Champions LCG tutorial with Team Covenant and Evan Johnson August 2019: Marvel Champions GenConContinue reading “Marvel Champions LCG interview and stream archive”

FFG/Fantasy Flight Games InFlight Report Recap (9/15/2021)

2020 Recap Start time: 8PM ET – 9/15/2021 Stream Link: Once again Chris Gerber, Head of FFG studio, is presenting for the 2021 InFlight Report. Gerber notes there will be “some updates to some of our biggest product lines, including new things we’re going to tease for the first time.” He also explains that FFGContinue reading “FFG/Fantasy Flight Games InFlight Report Recap (9/15/2021)”

Here’s where to import Mad Titan’s Shadow in the US

What’s the deal with Mad Titan’s Shadow in the US? To put it bluntly, Mad Titan’s Shadow has been delayed in the US beyond the original August 27 date. In fact on an FFG Live Marvel Champions stream on August 25, the company confirmed that they “hope to get it released by the end ofContinue reading “Here’s where to import Mad Titan’s Shadow in the US”

Hall of Heroes favorite scenario survey results

In case you missed it, we held our first-ever poll to see what your “favorite scenario” was to date, at the release of Galaxy’s Most Wanted. We asked, and you showed up! In just over a week, we received 777 results! This makes it, to our knowledge, one of the largest surveys for Marvel ChampionsContinue reading “Hall of Heroes favorite scenario survey results”

Here’s what changed in Marvel Champions RRG 1.4

A new Rules Reference Guide (RRG) is out for Champions and quite a bit has changed. Or changed back, depending on your view. Let’s dig into the major alterations. RRG 1.4 Resources If you want to dive into RRG 1.4 for yourself, here are a few places you can go. This is the raw RRGContinue reading “Here’s what changed in Marvel Champions RRG 1.4”

Marvel Champions LCG Decklist Hall of Fame

Here’s a selection of decks, hero-by-hero, that help draw out their strengths and will assist new players in tackling standard and expert mode: and beyond. These are hand-picked by Hall of Heroes, but also sourced from some of the most-liked decks on MarvelCDB. If you want a full list of starter decks, make sure youContinue reading “Marvel Champions LCG Decklist Hall of Fame”

Very Quick Marvel Champions Villain Tips

Here’s a few straight-to-the-point pointers for Marvel Champions LCG villains Rhino Key tech cards: Under Surveillance, treachery cancellation, tough Rhino is a very straight-forward villain, but he can trick people up, especially in solo play. There are two main things you want to watch for with Rhino: threating out, and charge. Although it’s a bitContinue reading “Very Quick Marvel Champions Villain Tips”

A Quick Look at Sleeve King’s ‘Premium Line’ FFG Sleeve Replacements

In case you haven’t heard, Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) discontinued their sleeves roughly a year ago. Their line was essentially handed off to Gamegenic (albeit with different dimensions and feel), an arm of Asmodee. As a reminder of what FFG’s sleeve line looked like, their (mostly defunct) landing page is still available. Naturally, a lotContinue reading “A Quick Look at Sleeve King’s ‘Premium Line’ FFG Sleeve Replacements”

Marvel Champions LCG Buyer’s Guide

Many Marvel Champions sites have been running buyer’s guides for some time now, and we’re going to be doing one by popular request. However, note that this is a very brief, highly opinionated “quick guide” in terms of what’s worth picking up. It’s one of many resources you should use if you’re picking and choosingContinue reading “Marvel Champions LCG Buyer’s Guide”

Marvel Champions LCG OP (Organized Play) Release Guide

What is “Organized Play,” or “OP?” Although Organized Play is generally more applicable to competitive card games, where players need to organize to actually participate in tournaments, Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) has extended efforts to cooperative card games like Lord of the Rings LCG, Arkham Horror LCG and Marvel Champions LCG to provide “OP” promos.Continue reading “Marvel Champions LCG OP (Organized Play) Release Guide”