Marvel Champions LCG Buyer’s Guide

Many Marvel Champions sites have been running buyer’s guides for some time now, and we’re going to be doing one by popular request. However, note that this is a very brief, highly opinionated “quick guide” in terms of what’s worth picking up. It’s one of many resources you should use if you’re picking and choosingContinue reading “Marvel Champions LCG Buyer’s Guide”

Marvel Champions LCG OP (Organized Play) Release Guide

What is “Organized Play,” or “OP?” Although Organized Play is generally more applicable to competitive card games, where players need to organize to actually participate in tournaments, Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) has extended efforts to cooperative card games like Lord of the Rings LCG, Arkham Horror LCG and Marvel Champions LCG to provide “OP” promos.Continue reading “Marvel Champions LCG OP (Organized Play) Release Guide”

Marvel Champions LCG Ant-Man and Wasp card storage guide

In case you haven’t heard, Ant-Man and Wasp will be released as “foldable” triple-identity cards. What’s that all about?! Well, let’s dig in. On the recent Marvel Champions Gen Con Online stream, developer Caleb Grace confirmed that Ant-Man and Wasp will utilize folding cards similar to the ones used for the Transformers TCG. Evidently, thisContinue reading “Marvel Champions LCG Ant-Man and Wasp card storage guide”

FFG/Fantasy Flight Games InFlight Report Recap (7/29/2020)

Start time: 8PM ET – 7/29/2020FFG Live Twitch Link Chris Gerber, head of FFG Studio, headlines the InFlight Report: notes that “[FFG] will all be wearing masks during this presentation.” “Just an overview tonight. We won’t be taking questions during the show. But we will be running a full suite starting tomorrow through Sunday, withContinue reading “FFG/Fantasy Flight Games InFlight Report Recap (7/29/2020)”

Marvel Champions LCG interview and stream resources

Game preservation/history is a very important topic that isn’t talked about enough. This is a running log of interviews from FFG representatives about Marvel Champions LCG. If you have an interview to add to this page, contact us at hallofheroescontact(at) Key Marvel Champions LCG staff: Caleb Grace – Lead Designer Michael Boggs – Lead DesignerContinue reading “Marvel Champions LCG interview and stream resources”

Marvel Champions AMA Recap (5/14/2020)

FFG representatives: Michael Boggs, Designer | Evan Johnson, FFG Marketing Link to the original AMA sourceStart time: 2PM ET – 5/14/2020FFG Live Twitch Link What are the release plans for upcoming hero packs? Evan: Our current plan and this is subject to change….but, the current plan is that in the United States Black Widow willContinue reading “Marvel Champions AMA Recap (5/14/2020)”

Marvel Champions LCG storage solutions

We’re looking to add to this list over time, so if you have a storage solution, contact us at hallofheroescontact(at)! Not all entries will be accepted. Your first step should be searching for Marvel Champions LCG on Etsy. Our beginner blog also has a few storage tips and covers more topics like sleeves. Check outContinue reading “Marvel Champions LCG storage solutions”

Marvel Champions LCG beginner’s guide

So you just picked up the core set for Marvel Champions (and maybe some more hero or villain packs): welcome! This guide will serve as a staging ground for newcomers and help direct you on where to go next. You can find more in-depth storage solutions from the community here. Step 1: Storage Solutions AContinue reading “Marvel Champions LCG beginner’s guide”

How to buy Marvel Champions LCG’s Black Widow and Doctor Strange

Update: Black Widow, Doctor Strange and Hulk are all out in the US: no more importing needed! However, you may find the below information useful if there are stock issues and you need to find a pack elsewhere. Marvel Champions’ Black Widow hero pack is out…so long as you do not reside in the US.Continue reading “How to buy Marvel Champions LCG’s Black Widow and Doctor Strange”

How to play Lord of the Rings LCG on Tabletop Simulator (TTS)

Editor’s Note: After the overwhelmingly positive reactions to the Marvel Champions Tabletop Simulator tutorial, we decided to create how-tos for the other co-op LCGs as well. You can find the Arkham Horror LCG tutorial here. Step 1: Get Tabletop Simulator This is an easy one! Well, maybe not for your wallet. You can find theContinue reading “How to play Lord of the Rings LCG on Tabletop Simulator (TTS)”