Marvel Champions livestream 3/8/2023: A full recap of everything that happened

On March 8, 2023, Fantasy Flight Games held an FFG Live stream featuring Marvel Champions. Josh Massey returned as the host of FFG Live, with Marvel Champions lead designers Caleb Grace and Tony Fanchi commanding Rogue and Gambit to play against Magneto; from the Mutant Genesis box. Here’s a quick recap of everything that came out of that stream.

The full March 2023 Marvel Champions stream

Quotes from the March 2023 stream

No new announcements were made outside of the existence of an upcoming OP kit for the game, though an FAQ is “coming out in the near future,” (headed up by Tony), and the game is still alive and well.

“Hello everyone! Thanks for joining us for a playthrough of the Magneto Scenario! Tony and Caleb will be showing off the brand new Rogue and Gambit Hero Packs and we will be discussing OP as well! – FFG

“We know that we have not really said a lot about the future of Marvel Champions and we want to put all of your minds at ease. There have been a lot of changes inside the studio…Tony is coming on board and doing wonderful things, but because of that there were some learning curves and things like that. The game is not going anywhere. We’re going to mention something else…that’s coming out soon.” – Josh

“Tony has also made himself invaluable to the team by taking on the next iteration of the FAQ. I’ve been a little busy. People can expect that in the near future too.” – Caleb

“Magneto is a big deal. That’s the first X-Men comic I read.” – Caleb

“A tough status card is something we put in the core set…as basically tools of the trade. Maybe not every villain, but most villains will interact with these tokens in some way. I don’t know if it was a conscious choice…but Magneto, Magneto should be hard to put down. That’s as much as I can share off my memory.” – Caleb

OP (organized play) cards/materials shown off in the March 2023 stream

“We know that you have all the content for the game…we’ve created booster packs for this game. What will happen in your store, just for hanging out and participating, you’ll receive a booster pack. These will contain what we’re calling our common cards, like villains…in my case, I got Toad. Or heroes…I got Kitty Pryde. Each of these packs will have also what we’re calling rare cards, which will be that alternate art hero card.” – Josh

“Each kit is designed to support 4 players (more than 4 players means multiple kits). Kit has 1 hero dial, 1 villain dial, and 5 blind bags for each of those 4 players.

It is the 8 heroes from this wave, and the villains from Mutant Genesis. Each villain gets one card that is double-sided.” – Peter S – FFG Marketing Writer (Discord)

Clearer screens from the end of the stream

Gameplay screens from the stream

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