Modest Mod Suggestions: Mutagen Formula

Well, Fantasy Flight Games is making things pretty easy on me here: there’s only two scenarios to talk about in the latest Green Goblin pack. We already covered the first with the Risky Business writeup. Now it’s time to suggest a mod pairing for the second: Mutagen Formula.

It’s Goblin Gimmicks. Goodnight folks!

But in all seriousness, the Goblin Gimmicks set pairs perfectly with Mutagen Formula. It’s impactful in that every card has meaning and forces you to deal with them right away. Half of the cards (4/8) have boost effects on them, making them effective cards for the villain activation phase: with two more featuring the coveted three-boost icon bonus. It allows for a form of symmetry with the actual Mutagen deck itself. Goblin Glider and Pumpkin Bombs are only “one-ofs” in the Mutagen scenario, so adding two more of each helps those very thematic cards come up more often.

Each treachery card tells a micro-story, and seeing the depths of depravity that Green Goblin would sink to with Intimidation is important to get the point across on just how dangerous this standalone villain really is. It’s also a sensible pick in terms of theme because the Green Goblin is out in full-force for the entire scenario: completely giving up the farce of his Norman Osborn persona.

The lack of a Green Goblin villain in the set itself (compared to all three other Green Goblin pack mods, which do have specific villains in Scorpion, Electro and Tombstone), says it all. This mod was made for Mutagen Formula.

Goblin Gimmicks (Modular Set)

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