Modest Mod Suggestions: Risky Business

Welcome to the first issue of “Modest Mod Suggestions!”

In this series I’ll muse on what modular sets to include in future scenarios, both from a practical and thematic standpoint. Our inaugural episode tackles Risky Business, one of the two scenarios included in the Green Goblin scenario pack. So what’s up with the need for this very blog? Well, after the core set, Fantasy Flight Games ceased to provide suggestions for modular sets, so I’m going to do my best to help you out.

Given that the core set mods are either played out, are too easy, or lack theme (it doesn’t make much sense for Hydra, the Masters of Evil, Ultron, or MODOK to show up in Risky Business), we’ll choose from what we have left: Goblin Gimmicks, A Mess of Things, Power Drain and Running Interference. Naturally you can include multiple modular sets in any given scenario, but going forward I’m sticking with the recommendation of a singular additional mod for the purposes of this blog.

It might be controversial, but I ruled out Goblin Gimmicks right away for Risky Business due to thematic reasons. The whole point of Risky Business is that it focuses on the fickle duality between Norman Osborn’s business savvy and Green Goblin’s madness, so having pumpkin bombs and gliders fly willy nilly when Norman is chilling in his office building wouldn’t make much sense: it takes away from the lower keye theme of battling a deranged businessman, and you’ll have plenty of room to fight off his Goblin persona in the Mutagen Formula scenario.

It feels the most thematic to have hired help come in and stop our heroes from foiling Norman’s plans while he’s scheming from the comfort of his office. From there, I moved on to A Mess of Things, which features classic Spider-Man villain Scorpion. Scorpion isn’t a bad pick per se, but there isn’t a lot of synergy here as the set mostly focuses on stuns, which aren’t as effective when you’re scheming against Norman. The included copy of Gang-Up (joined by another copy from the standard set) also isn’t as impactful with the 1-Attack Private Security Specialists from Risky Business.

So what about Running Interference with Tombstone? While Tombstone does fit the thematic bill (he’s a crime boss after all and would feasibly work with Norman Osborn), I wasn’t feeling his discard mechanic, though the card Media Coverage is very spicy when coupled with the myriad “when revealed” effects of Risky Business. He’s a firm second place pick.

In the end I went with Power Drain. Electro has worked with Green Goblin numerous times, and is a Sinister Six-sized thematic home run. He also provides a more formidable threat for everyone on the table with the Power Drain side scheme, and his deck cycling helps keep you on your toes constantly even if Norman is in play. Power Drain also has a ton of boost icons, so things are constantly happening in addition to the cavalcade of boosts from Risky Business. After extensive playtesting I found it to be the most exciting choice.

As always, get creative and try out any modular set you want! These are just suggestions.

Power Drain (Modular Set – Green Goblin)

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