Peter Quill/Star-Lord

Release date: May 14, 2021 (date from LGS data sheet)

Lead Designer: Caleb Grace with Michael Boggs

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Star Lord China PDF information

Fan translation from JQTNguyen (may not 100% reflect final cards)

Cards from the AnalisisParalisis stream

Translations (thanks to Igor and Shansha):

Nova Prime: Defeat a non-elite minion

Maniobra Audaz: Remove 2 threat from a scheme, plus 2 for each encounter card you have in front of you.

Chico Malo: Heroic interruption: When you would take any damage from a villain attack discard this card then remove all this damage, flip form and draw 2.

Elemental Gun: Exhaust elemental gun and spend 1 resource then inflict 3 damage, this attack gains piercing.

Botas de Vuelo: Star Lord gains aerial. Heroic interruption: when Star Lord will suffer any damage, exhaust the boots then avoid 1 damage for every encounter cars in front of you.

Adam Warlock: Response: after Adam Warlock attacks or thwarts, discard one random card from your hand. if the printed resource is: physical: remove 3 threat from a scheme, energy: heal 3 from a hero. mental deal 3 damages. Wild: pick one of the options.

Beta Ray Bill: response: when BRB attacks and destroy a minion, remove 2 threat from the main scheme

Yondu: Yondu’s attacks gained ranged

Supremacia Area: hero action: choose X enemies, x being amount of aerial characters you control then del 3 damage to each chosen enemy

Practicas de Tiro: Support. Interruption: when an ally with a weapon upgrade attacks, discard this card then this ally gets 2 attack for this attack

Pistola Laser (Laser Pistol): attach to a guardian ally. max 1 per ally. This ally gets +1 attk and his attacks get overkill

Cosmo: Interruption: When Cosmo attacks or thwart, name a type of card and discard the first card of any deck. If the card is of the same type, Cosmo doesn’t take consequential damage

NGII: Hero action: Exhaust this card and spent 2 resources then ready a guardian character.

Pulse Grenade: Hero action: discard pulse grenade and choose an enemy: discard the first 2 encounter cards. Deal 1 damage to the enemy for each boost icon discarded this way

Arrojarse En Picado (Aggression Aerial card): Play only if your hero has the aerial trait. Hero action: deal 7 damage to an enemy. Deal 1 damage to all other enemies

Vuelo Agil (Justice Aerial card): Play only if your hero has the aerial trait. Hero action: remove up to 5 from different schemes

Vigilancia Constante (Protection Aerial card): Play only if your hero has the aerial trait. hero action: ready your hero and remove 2 schemes from the main scheme

1. Nova Prime 2. Daring Escape 3. Daring Escape 4. Daring Escape 5. Daring Maneuver 6. Daring Maneuver 7. Sliding Shot 8. Sliding Shot 9. Sliding Shot 10. Bad Boy 11. Element Gun 12. Element Gun 13. Flight Boots 14. Leader of the Guardians 15: Star-Lord’s Helmet