Galaxy’s Most Wanted Encounters and Mods

Release date: April 2, 2021

Box measurements: 7.88″ x 7.88″ x 3″
Card count: 265
This box does not have a playmat

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Lead Designer: Michael Boggs and Aaron Hamilton with Caleb Grace

New keywords: Hinder, Patrol, Stalwart, Victory, Victory Display

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Brotherhood of Badoon | Collector 1 | Collector 2 | Nebula | Ronan

Modular Sets | Campaign

Brotherhood of Badoon

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Collector 1 – Infiltrate the Museum

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Collector 2 – Escape the Museum

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Modular sets

Band of Badoon

Galactic Artifacts

Kree Militants

Menagerie Medley

Space Pirates

Ship Command

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Power Stone

Campaign – The Market

Campaign – Standard Challenge

Campaign – Expert Challenge

Campaign – Badoon Headhunter

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