Galaxy’s Most Wanted box and cycle spoilers


Galaxy’s Most Wanted Chinese PDF

Star Lord Chinese PDF

Gamora Chinese PDF

Drax Chinese PDF

Venom Chinese PDF

Translation credit: Suave, Igor, Bluehg, Deadwolf, JQTNguyen

Update: New translation for the Guardians cycle inserts, paid for by Hall of Heroes

Star-Lord Hero Package

This arrogant desperado from the Earth, and also the captain of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Peter Quill, better known as Star-Lord, uses his sarcastic and narcissistic sense of humor to lead his team of troubled heroes to protect the galaxy from various threats. If it can make some money in it …. Then consider it as an added bonus.

This Hero Package includes everything you need to play with Star-Lord, including a Preset Deck.

New Keyword : Traction [Hinder] X

When a card with Traction X keywords is displayed, place an X-point threat on that card.

New Keyword : Breaking Defense [Piercing]

When an attack with Breaking Defense keywords deals damage to the target, the Indomitable State card is discarded.

New Keyword : Long-range Attacks [Ranged]

Long-range keywords will ignore counterattack [Retaliate] keywords.

Star Lord / Leadership Star-Lord will give his all when faced with an insurmountable obstacle. Use Star-Lord’s heroic superpower to place encounter cards on yourself in exchange for a big discount on resource costs, or use Gliding Shots to inflict additional models on enemies depending on the number of encounter cards on Star-Lord. The greater the risk, the more profit, if Star-Lord bad luck needs rescue, he can call a powerful Nova to bombard the enemy.

With the Leadership Style, use Yondu and Beta Ray Bill to take care of the subordinates, enhance their attacks with deadly Laser Blast Guns, and with the addition of the Light of Glory, each member of Guardians of the Galaxy can revive the villains.

Gamora Hero Package

Trained and abused by “The Mad Titan” Thanos since childhood, Gamora has become the most dangerous woman in the galaxy, able to use everything as a weapon and use deadly tactics against enemies.

Now she is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy team and is determined to put an end to the pain he has suffered.

This Hero Package includes everything you need to play with Gamora, including a Preset Deck.

The first time you play with Gamora, please take the cards placed in front of the divider, and refer to the instructions for the game settings in the Beginner’s Guide to drop out, there is a complete list of deck on the back of the divider can be referred to.

When designing your own deck, you can use the cards left behind the divider. Please refer to the appendix of the detailed rules before designing your own deck.

Rules explanation

Q: Gamora can add any 6 attacking or resolving events to the deck, do I need to count these cards when calculating the minimum and maximum number of cards in the deck?

A: Yes, when Gamora adds event cards other than her chosen style to the deck, these cards are still limited by the number of cards.

Drax Hero Package

Arthur Douglas died in a brutal act of villainy by Thanos and was reincarnated as Drax, a sword-wielding warrior eager for revenge. Now, as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Drax seeks to destroy Thanos once and for all while on an expedition.

This Hero Package includes everything you need to play with Drax, including a Preset Deck.

The first time you play with Drax, please take the cards placed in front of the divider, and refer to the instructions for the game settings in the Beginner’s Guide to drop out, there is a complete list of deck on the back of the divider can be referred to.

When designing your own deck, you can use the cards left behind the divider. Please refer to the appendix of the detailed rules before designing your own deck.

New Keyword : Breaking Defense [Piercing]

When an attack with Breaking Defense keywords deals damage to the target, the Indomitable State [Tough] card is discarded.

Venom Hero Package

Flash Thompson is a wartime veteran and an old classmate of Peter Parker, who fused with Venom Symbiote in the U.S. government’s second super-soldier program”Project Rebirth 2.0”.

Now, Venom travels through the galaxy, using his various extraordinary abilities to defeat all evil forces. New Keyword : Patrol When any follower with the Patrol keyword fights a player, that player cannot resolve the main conspiracy.

New Keyword : Long-range [Ranged]

Attacks with Long-range [Ranged] keywords will ignore counterattack [Retaliate] keywords.

Rules explanation

Q: Every Raging Symbiote has the words “Venom’s Rival follower” on it. What if Venom is asked to place his Rival follower into the scene (for example, when showing “Shadows of the Past”)?

A: Since each “Raging Symbiote” is considered to be Venom’s Rival follower, Venom will need to place all the Raging Symbiotes that are outside the venue.


Groot // Protection Protection Groot is a giant Treant from Planet X. Thanks to his unique physiological function, vines and branches can grow on his body. This growth process is expressed through growth indicators, making it harder for Groot to be defeated, and also increasing the variety of its special upgrades. Maintaining a heroic identity for a long time to defend against fierce enemy attacks, or frequently switching between a mortal identity and a heroic identity, makes Groot huge. When matched with a protective style, become “not to be ignored” to remove threats from the villain’s evil plot, use “brave and good combat” to defeat the enemy at your peak, and counter the enemy’s offensive with “fearlessness”. Grootka: Achievement (x2), “I am Groot” (x2), “I, am, Groot!” (x2), Root Stomping (x3), “We are all Groot “, fertile soil, entangled vines, flogging vines, vine shield, vine spur protection card: star eagle, desperate defense (x3), brave and brave (x3), power of protection (x2), fearless (x3), intolerance Ignore (x3), Perseverance (x2) Basic Cards: Rocket Raccoon, Plants and Animals, Energy, Genius, Strength, Proficiency and Concentration (x3) Heavy Duty Card: Withered Rival Group: Blazing Hell, Furnakes, Incite the Flames (x3)


Rocket Raccoon // Offensive Rocket raccoon is a super genius raccoon who has been mechanically modified and is good at combat. He is good at collecting parts and making highly dangerous weapons. The more weapons a rocket raccoon has on the field, the more lethal it is. It can “load” his weapons to cause maximum damage, or use the “battery pack” to charge their weapons. When he runs out of one of his weapons, or finds a weapon that is more suitable for the current task, he switches to a mortal status to trade the weapon in exchange for bigger and better items. When matching the offensive style, use the “troubleshooter” to chase the followers, use the full-fire “hand-held cannon” to blast off the enemy, and “stick to the end” to cause extra excessive damage. Rocket raccoon card: I have a plan (x2), reload ( x2), gloating, waste utilization (x2), battery pack (x2), electronic bones, particle cannons, rocket launchers, rocket raccoon pistols (x2), thruster boots attack card: bugs, chase to the end (x2), Intervene in the fight (x3), cause trouble (x3), ruthless assault (x2), stick to the end (x3), hand cannon (x3) Basic cards: Groot, Plants and Animals, Energy, Genius, Strength, Boost Boots (x3) ) Heavy Duty Card: Half-World Crisis Rival Group: Blood Vengeance, Black Jack O’Hare, Black Jack’s Rocket Launcher, Planetary Invasion (x2)

Q. If all the charge counters on 1 upgrade of Rocket Raccoon have been Remove, then do you want to discard this upgrade?

A. No need. When the rocket raccoon’s upgrade runs out of charge counters, Still stay on the field. This is because the upgrade of Rocket Raccoon is not “used” Keywords, cards with the keyword “use” will only be used when they run out of counters Will be discarded

Rocket’s nemesis is someone named Blackjack O’Hal or Jack O’Hal

Q. If the Rocket Raccoon turns over the shadow of the past, the blood feud conspiracy Will the enhanced icon take effect on Blackjack O’hal’s swift attack?

A. No. Every sentence on the shadow of the past settles in turn, meaning black Jack O’Hal’s swift attack occurred before the blood feud entered the battlefield.

New player cards

New Prot Cards: – Starhawk – Brave and Brave – Fearless (Dauntless?) – Intolerance Ignore

New Aggression cards: – Bug – Cause Trouble – Stick to the End – Hand Cannon New

Basics: – Rocket Raccoon – Groot – Flora and Fauna – Proficiency – Concentration – Boost and Boots

Villain info

Collector Escape from the Museum (1/12) HP: 8PP? SCH: 1* ATK: 1* Elder. The Collector gets +X SCH and +X ATK equal to the current level of the Main Scheme. * Forced Interrupt: When the Collector would be defeated, remove 3PP Threat from the Main Scheme instead, then turn the card over. [Not sure which card the latter is referring to.]

Nebula Nebula (1/22) HP: 14PP SCH: 1* ATK: 2* Criminal The first Tech Attachment revealed each round gains Surge. * Forced Interrupt: When Nebula activates against you, resolve “Special” abilities on Tech Attachments. Then, discard those Attachments.

Ronan HP 14PP (Stage I) Legion of Accusers, Cree.
★Compulsory Interruption: When the accuser Ronan activates against you, if you control the power gem, give him an extra booster card.
“No discussion, no argument. You are guilty.”

Unlimited health (new – Collector 2) In this scenario, the villain has unlimited health (). A character with unlimited health cannot be defeated by taking damage. However, it is still possible to cause damage to such characters through attacks and card abilities.

Campaign info

* Persistent Health. (Like RORS.) * Cannot gain Scenario Rewards (i.e.: go to the Shop) if you were defeated in a Team Win. (Like RORS.) * If you were defeated, come back in the Next Scenario at Full Health with seemingly no penalty. * You can spend Units between Scenarios to replenish Health. * Only one try against the Final Boss. (Like RORS.) * More difficult versions of special Campaign Only Encounter Cards related to the Narrative (i.e.: you use the “regular” version side for Standard, and flip to the other side for Expert). * You CANNOT add, remove, or other change the Aspect and Basic Cards included in your Deck once you start the Campaign, although you can add to your Deck via the Market.


Hinder, “Patrol”, “Firm” (can’t be stunned or confused), and a new side scheme icon that adds boost icons (pictured below)

Q. What happens when a stunned or confused character gets a firm [can’t be stunned/confused] keyword thing? A. Because the firm keyword will prevent the character from entering a stun or confused state. Characters who are stunned or confused will immediately remove all of their own Stun and confused state cards.

New Market Cards

Emergency Plan 0 Cost Event Unit Cost: 1 Attack Hero Action (Attack): Discard the top 4 cards of your deck. Every time a different type of resource is discarded this way, deal 1 damage to an enemy. Draw 1 card. Campaign – The Market (3/28)

Close 0 Cost Event Unit Cost: 3 Hero Interrupt: When a boost card is turned face up, cancel the boost effect of the card and all its boost icons, then discard it. Draw 1 card. [This appears to be you draw 1 card, not you draw a replacement boost] Cards. Campaign – The Market (9/28)

Armor Plating Cost: 0 Upgrade Unit Cost: 4 Armor. Milano Mod. Hero Interrupt: When an identity card is about to suffer any amount of damage, exhaust Armor Plating → prevent 1 damage (if you control the Milano, prevent 2 damage). Campaign – The Market (13/28)

Navigation Stick Cost: 2 Upgrade Unit Cost: 6 Milano Mod. Tech. Hero Action: Exhaust Navigation Stick, discard 1 card in your hand (if you control the Milano, discard the top card of your deck instead) → Draw 1 card. Campaign – The Market (23/28)

Energy Release 0 Cost Event Unit Cost: 7 Hero Action: Deal 5 damage to the villain and remove 5 threat from the main scheme. Remove this card from the game. Campaign – The Market (26/28)

Star Lord

Star Lord Pack This arrogant desperado comes from a planet named Earth and is also the captain of the interstellar alien attack team. Peter Quill-some people are more accustomed to calling him Star Lord-with his mocking and narcissistic sense of humor, he leads his team of problematic heroes to protect the galaxy from all kinds of threats, big and small. If you can earn some stars in the process… then treat it as an extra reward. This hero pack contains all the content needed to play Xingjue, including a pre-assembled deck.

New Keyword: Containment X When a card with the Containment X keyword is displayed, place X threats on the card.

Brand new keyword: Break defense 1 attack with a break defense keyword will discard its unyielding state card before causing damage to the target. Brand new keyword: A remote attack with a remote keyword will ignore the counter keyword. Xingjue / Leader Xingjue will go all out when facing difficulties that cannot be overcome. Use Xingjue’s heroic ability to issue encounter cards to yourself in exchange for a huge discount on resource costs; or according to the number of encounter cards in front of Xingjue, use “Slide Shot” to cause extra damage to the enemy in a timely manner. The greater the risk, the greater the return.

If Xingjue is unlucky and needs some support, you can call in a powerful new star to blow the enemy into pieces. With the leadership style, use “Courage” and “Yondu” to get the followers; use the deadly “laser blaster” to enhance their attacks; under the blessing of the “light of glory”, every The role of a different attack team is enough to severely damage the villain.

Fan translation from JQTNguyen (may not 100% reflect final cards)

Cards from the AnalisisParalisis stream

Translations (thanks to Igor and Shansha):

Nova Prime: Defeat a non-elite minion

Maniobra Audaz: Remove 2 threat from a scheme, plus 2 for each encounter card you have in front of you.

Chico Malo: Heroic interruption: When you would take any damage from a villain attack discard this card then remove all this damage, flip form and draw 2.

Elemental Gun: Exhaust elemental gun and spend 1 resource then inflict 3 damage, this attack gains piercing.

Botas de Vuelo: Star Lord gains aerial. Heroic interruption: when Star Lord will suffer any damage, exhaust the boots then avoid 1 damage for every encounter cars in front of you.

Adam Warlock: Response: after Adam Warlock attacks or thwarts, discard one random card from your hand. if the printed resource is: physical: remove 3 threat from a scheme, energy: heal 3 from a hero. mental deal 3 damages. Wild: pick one of the options.

Beta Ray Bill: response: when BRB attacks and destroy a minion, remove 2 threat from the main scheme

Yondu: Yondu’s attacks gained ranged

Supremacia Area: hero action: choose X enemies, x being amount of aerial characters you control then del 3 damage to each chosen enemy

Practicas de Tiro: Support. Interruption: when an ally with a weapon upgrade attacks, discard this card then this ally gets 2 attack for this attack

Pistola Laser (Laser Pistol): attach to a guardian ally. max 1 per ally. This ally gets +1 attk and his attacks get overkill

Cosmo: Interruption: When Cosmo attacks or thwart, name a type of card and discard the first card of any deck. If the card is of the same type, Cosmo doesn’t take consequential damage

NGII: Hero action: Exhaust this card and spent 2 resources then ready a guardian character.

Pulse Grenade: Hero action: discard pulse grenade and choose an enemy: discard the first 2 encounter cards. Deal 1 damage to the enemy for each boost icon discarded this way

Arrojarse En Picado (Aggression Aerial card): Play only if your hero has the aerial trait. Hero action: deal 7 damage to an enemy. Deal 1 damage to all other enemies

Vuelo Agil (Justice Aerial card): Play only if your hero has the aerial trait. Hero action: remove up to 5 from different schemes

Vigilancia Constante (Protection Aerial card): Play only if your hero has the aerial trait. hero action: ready your hero and remove 2 schemes from the main scheme

1. Nova Prime 2. Daring Escape 3. Daring Escape 4. Daring Escape 5. Daring Maneuver 6. Daring Maneuver 7. Sliding Shot 8. Sliding Shot 9. Sliding Shot 10. Bad Boy 11. Element Gun 12. Element Gun 13. Flight Boots 14. Leader of the Guardians 15: Star-Lord’s Helmet

Credit: Melvin D.