Galaxy’s Most Wanted (Archive)

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“Collector and Ronan the Accuser” confirmed as villains on the stream: there will be five scenarios in the box, just like Rise of Red Skull. Nebula is on the box. Rocket and Groot seem to be the two heroes. The scenarios are: “Collector – two different times, Nebula, Brotherhood of Badoon, Ronan.” There will be “seven modular sets” as per the November 2020 news article.

“Originally the box was going to have four scenarios. I think we might have gotten a little pushback…like maybe they all should have five.”

Caleb: “Some pretty incredible differences in how the campaign is developed. The Guardians are trying to get money. There’s a whole market deck you can earn points at the end of each scenario. Buy cards.” The Milano ship will be a factor in the game, and will transfer between players.

Q: How did everyone get into game design?

Caleb: “I was working as a teacher, I got cut. I needed a job. I was applying around, my brother told me I could apply to FFG. I applied and got it.”

Boggs: “I’ve always been interested in designing games. I studied animation in college. But the program was conjoined with game design. So I really loved those classes and I moved abroad for a few years and started doing my own independent stuff. I realized I didn’t have the skills to make video games, but board games instead. I started a couple of groups abroad where we playtested each other’s stuff. I was able to turn that into a job at FFG.”

Q: When can we expect non-MCU content in Champions?

“We have Ms. Marvel. We beat them to the punch. We have villains who have not appeared yet.”

“Those [Marvel Champions] comics are all original [Rise of Red Skull.] We got permission from Marvel to write our own stories.”

Q: When are the X-Men coming?

Caleb: “I just want to say no one wants X-Men in the game more than I do. Now that we have the Insurrection game that was announced, I don’t have anything to announce. Except for yes, we are definitely going to do X-Men in this game. It’s going to be a while.”

$39.95 price confirmed

Extra cards