The Once and Future Kang

Release date: October, 2020

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Kang will start on Stage I, with expert mode providing a “tougher Stage I to start.” You have to defeat three stages (Kang I, separate encounters for each player, then the final stage of Kang). Matt Newman contributed to the pack and helped develop the Corrupted Timestream side scheme. Caleb Grace on the difficulty: “it’s tough. But I thought Wrecking Crew was tough. Now I’m getting feedback that it’s very easy.” New keywords (Incite – place [x] threat on the main scheme when this card is revealed) and villainous (draw a boost card for this minion) will be part of the pack.

There will be three mod sets. The Temporal mod set is “designed for standard play.” The other two are Anachronauts and a Kang mod (with different subtitles so you can use it with the Kang scenario).

When asked if Doctor Strange is “OP” or not: “It’s always interesting when it gets to the public. We playtested all those heroes in the first wave a ton. There was no feedback where there was one hero clearly better than the other. It depends on how you pilot them.”

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Temporal Modular Set


Master of Time Modular Set