Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

Release date: TBA

Lead Designer: Michael Boggs

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“Boggs took the lead on this…but both Boggs and I have the same idea: he should ready. Boggs was the one that was like ‘first time he uses a hero power, he stands up.’ It’s automatic.” – Caleb

“Well first of all, theme. If there’s something unique to that character, it’s a one-of then. It makes them feel more special. Something like Serval Industries…I suppose we could represent it differently as multiple things…but in this case it’s a single place, and in terms of power level, we want to give you a good reason to swap to alter-ego form.” – Caleb

“Absolutely I think our strategy is pretty straightforward. We have an Avengers themed story box followed by Avengers themed heroes. We announced Guardians box….it’s safe to assume it’ll be followed by Guardians heroes…and who knows what will come after that.” – Caleb

“I would love to see the game mature to a point where we can do that…everyone knows Spider-Man…so many others…have all like gone through a series of evolutions with their costumes and missions. I would love to do that. Just off the top of my head of course we’re putting in classic Spider-Man, but a lot of people are fans of the black suit Spider-Man. Maybe that one comes with Mary Jane Watson.” – Caleb