NeXt Evolution

Release date: August, 2023
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Box measurements: 7.88″ x 7.88″ x 3″

Lead Designer: Tony Fanchi

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New keywords: Assault

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This is the cool thing about the player side schemes. They don’t have any bad icons on them, so you can just let them hang out and defeat them when they’re most useful. The only downside is the limit (only one PSS in play at a time in solo/2-player, 2 at a time for 3-4 player).

-Peter S – Marketing Writer for FFG


Boggs laid the groundwork [for the box], but that was basically it. This is as much Tony’s work as Mojo was. – Peter S

Morlock Siege (Scenario 1)


On the Run (Scenario 2)

Fan question: “So am I understanding the first two scenarios right? The first one you defeat 3 of the 7 Marauders. Then in the second one, you use 1 of those same cards for the villain?”

Answer from Peter S (FFG marketing writer): Yup! You got it. The Hope’s Captor card basically turns that single Marauder into a normal villain card. Scenarios 1 and 2 have two completely different encounter sets, as well.

Regarding the Hope ally, I don’t know if it was clear enough in the article, but she’s part of a 2-card “Hope Summers” encounter set that, similar to the Longshot set from Mojo, can be included in any scenario to make it a little easier for the players. (That said, the NeXt Evolution campaign has special rules on when you can/can’t/have to use the set.)

Juggernaut (Scenario 3)

Mister Sinister (Scenario 4)

Stryfe (Scenario 5)

Hope Summers

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