Marvel Champions LCG Unofficial Taboo list

Every co-op LCG handles errata and card changes differently.

In The Lord of the Rings LCG, cards are only officially nerfed/errataed. Although players are encouraged to play how they wish, FFG’s changes are accounted for in reprints and are considered the official, final word.

In Arkham LCG, cards are altered through a “taboo list.” In short, this periodically updated FAQ allows for the designers to bring down the power level of cards that dominate the meta to encourage deckbuilding variety. Some cards are “mutated” (changed, usually nerfed) and some are restricted (forbidden) entirely from play. Again, this list is entirely optional: as a co-op LCG game, a lot of people don’t care about power levels and wish to play the way they want.

Marvel Champions LCG doesn’t have a solution yet. The designers may never alter any power levels of cards, as errata thus far have merely served as clarifications. To expedite the process and provide players with an optional way to play while we wait for more content; a small group of community members have gotten together to provide their own list.

These alterations have been playtested, and again; these changes are not official.


Cards from this list have additional or altered text, as described below

  • Rapid Response: This card’s ability now reads: “put that ally into play from your discard pile with 1 health remaining.”
  • (Doctor Strange) The Invocation Deck insert now reads: “When Doctor Strange reshuffles his Invocation Deck, that player deals themselves one facedown encounter card, similar to when a player reshuffles their player card deck.”


Cards from this list cannot be used when playing with taboo

(There are no cards currently on the Forbidden list)