Marvel Champions LCG Legacy Rulings

This page is for old rulings that have been replaced/directly contradicted by a future ruling, or an RRG update.

Is a card like Wiggle Room considered a “defense?” More clarification: Say you didn’t choose to exhaust anything to defend against an attack, then the villain draws a boost.

Then a boost card says “if this attack is undefended, it gets +X attack.” Could you at this point use Wiggle Room, which has the “defense” action on the card, to make the attack defended?

You cannot “defend” an attack by playing a defense card. In order for an attack to be “defended” a character must be declared as a defender. If no character is declared as a defender, then the attack is “undefended.”


Worded differently, can I use parenthetical (defense) events to trigger abilities that say “When your hero defends..” in the same way that I can use (attack) events to trigger abilities that say “When your hero attacks…”?

No, playing a (defense) card does not count as defending. The only way to defend an attack is to exhaust a hero or ally to declare that character as a defender.


If I have Widow’s Bite out on the table as Black Widow, and Scorpion appears as my encounter card, which has priority: Widow’s Bite (hero response) or quickstrike? Whatever the answer might be, is this priority level found in the RRG? I can’t seem to find it.

I think an order of priority is something we have noted we plan to add to the RRG. When we do, it will go something like this:

  • Constant effects
  • Forced effects
  • Response effects

Quickstrike is like a Forced in effect in that you don’t have a choice: when the minion engages you, it immediately attacks. This will trigger before you have the option to trigger Widow’s Bite. However, you can still trigger Widow’s Bite after the attack begins and before it is resolved. The stun will not prevent the enemy from finishing the attack it already started, but it will prevent the next one. And if 2 damage was actually enough to defeat the minion, the rest of the attack would not resolve.


Player A has three allies in play, one of which is Nick Fury. Player B has Nick Fury in their discard pile. Can Player A Make the Call target Nick Fury in Player B’s discard pile, discarding their current Nick Fury to satisfy the ally limit?

That sounds legit


For further clarification, how does one interpret the phrase “You” for cards like Electro?

Villains and minions activate against the player, so Electro’s ability resolves against the player he attacks. If you defend with an ally, he has still attacked you – the player.


“You” clarification as of May 2020

We have received a lot of questions regarding the use of the word “you” in our game, and our answer has evolved with time as our original answers did not sufficiently clarify everything. That is why you are right to point out the difference between the two answers you quoted.

The original answer to the Interrogation Room question was from a long time ago, and the Unflappable answer was more recent. We will be updating the online Rules Reference guide again in the near future, and we plan to update the entry for the word “you” again.

I expect the entry to make it clear that “you” refers only to your identity whenever possible, which will reinforce the Unflappable answer while possibly changing the interaction with Interrogation Room. In the meantime, I am encouraging players to play the game as if the word “you” only refers to your identity wherever possible.


So, I’ve seen the suggestion that “you” be treated like the identity for all cases where it can be, and I’m curious how it interacts with Interrogation Room/Hall of Heroes: “When you defeat an enemy”. Particularly cards like Ground Stomp, Lightning Strike, or “Do you Even Lift”, where the “hero” is effectively dealing damage, but not through an attack.

Do any of these trigger those cards? What about if I spend the resources to remove Advanced Ultron Drones and defeat several drones that way, is that my hero doing it (it’s a Hero Action, if that makes a difference). Or What about using a Tac Team to defeat a minion, would that trigger the above cards?

Events like Ground Stomp, and Hero Actions like the one on Advanced Ultron Drones, represent things your hero is doing, so that counts as “you.” Support cards like Tac Team represent other entities that are assisting your hero, so they do not count as “you.” The same is obviously true for allies.


Regarding the latest “You” ruling it still seems very unclear. For instance: if I am Spider-Woman and trigger Energy Barrier to defeat a minion, does that trigger Hall of Heroes’ response? Would triggering Jjarnbjorn also allow me to place a counter on Hall of Heroes?

Upgrades are things your hero wears and wields, so when you use an upgrade to defeat a minion that count as your hero (or you) defeating that minion.


My question is for an ability that appears on the Mutagen Formula main scheme, Goblin Reinforcements side scheme, and Wicked Ambitions encounter card. All of them refer to discarding a set number of cards, and performing an action when a certain type of card is revealed (they do not say to stop discarding when that card type is found).

Is this considered “looking for a specified card” such that the discarding stops? If so, what happens in a multiplayer scenario if you reach the end of the deck for the first player. Does it resume after reshuffling for the second, or does all discarding cease?

No you are not looking for a specified card in these instances. You are being instructed to discard a certain number of cards. After that there is an effect that triggers depending on what you discarded.


Gamora is stunned and confused. 1. Can I play crosscounter to remove both status cards? 2. If I play an attack event to remove stun, does that count as having played an attack event? 3. Will playing an attack or thwart event while stunned and confused trigger ‘finesse’ or ‘precision’?

  1. Yes, because Crosscounter is both an (attack) and a (thwart), it will remove both the stunned status card and the confused status card simultaneously.
  2. Yes, when you play an Attack event, even if the (attack) ability is replaced by the removal of a stunned status card, you still played an event with the Attack trait.
  3. Yes, playing an Attack/Thwart event while stunned/confused will still trigger Finesse/Precision.


Similarly for Overkill, is it the same, or does it work differently in this case?

Overkill will work because it defeats the minion first and then excess damage is applied to the villain.