Marvel Champions LCG Legacy Rulings

This page is for old rulings that have been replaced/directly contradicted by a future ruling, or an RRG update.

Is a card like Wiggle Room considered a “defense?” More clarification: Say you didn’t choose to exhaust anything to defend against an attack, then the villain draws a boost.

Then a boost card says “if this attack is undefended, it gets +X attack.” Could you at this point use Wiggle Room, which has the “defense” action on the card, to make the attack defended?

You cannot “defend” an attack by playing a defense card. In order for an attack to be “defended” a character must be declared as a defender. If no character is declared as a defender, then the attack is “undefended.”


Worded differently, can I use parenthetical (defense) events to trigger abilities that say “When your hero defends..” in the same way that I can use (attack) events to trigger abilities that say “When your hero attacks…”?

No, playing a (defense) card does not count as defending. The only way to defend an attack is to exhaust a hero or ally to declare that character as a defender.


If I have Widow’s Bite out on the table as Black Widow, and Scorpion appears as my encounter card, which has priority: Widow’s Bite (hero response) or quickstrike? Whatever the answer might be, is this priority level found in the RRG? I can’t seem to find it.

I think an order of priority is something we have noted we plan to add to the RRG. When we do, it will go something like this:

  • Constant effects
  • Forced effects
  • Response effects

Quickstrike is like a Forced in effect in that you don’t have a choice: when the minion engages you, it immediately attacks. This will trigger before you have the option to trigger Widow’s Bite. However, you can still trigger Widow’s Bite after the attack begins and before it is resolved. The stun will not prevent the enemy from finishing the attack it already started, but it will prevent the next one. And if 2 damage was actually enough to defeat the minion, the rest of the attack would not resolve.